Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Commercial Officer Intra Trading Establishment Multinational Company - Kuwait

Job Purpose: Develop business and general sales of products and services in all sectors related to the Oil & Gas Industry.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
1. Maintain and develop a computerised customer and prospect database.
2. Maintain a sourcing database (products and services).
3. Prepare a general business plan of action to cover the whole year.
4. Prepare monthly and weekly plans with a more in depth description. These plans should be complimentary to the yearly plan.
5. The weekly plan will have to be presented on a chosen server location every Thursday of the precedent week. A debriefing will have to be presented on the server initially followed a discussion session at the end of that specific week to show the progress of the Commercial Officer pertinent to the set plan.
6. When a specific project and/or tender is presented, a cash flow related to this project should be presented to the Managing Director. This cash flow should clearly reflect the cost, profit and return on investment (time).
7. Respond to and follow up inquiries by e-mail, Fax, telephone, and personal visits.
8. Monitor the Industry, analyze the information and report on activities and provide relevant information of importance to the Managing Director.
9. Carry out market research, competitor and customer surveys.
10. Attend trainings and develop relevant knowledge and skills through continuous reading and information gathering from other resources such as the internet.
11. The points mentioned above are in addition to general administrative tasks that should be carried out by an officer of such caliber.
Profile Prerequisites:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
• 3 years experience catering to KOC and KNPC.
• Perfect knowledge in worldwide sourcing.
• Kuwaiti drivers license.
• World Labor Organization based workers contract.
• No limit to career ascendancy.
• Clearly defined Job Description.
• Continuous Education, Training and Traveling.
Experience 3 - 6 years
Education Basic - Bachelor of Business Administration ( Management )
Nationality Any Nationality
Gender Any
Contact: Name Christina Valencia - Commercial Department
Email: main@intraq8.com