Thursday, December 15, 2011

HVAC Engineer - Gulf Lifa Co - Doha - Qatar

Job Description
1. Must able to execute mechanical building services specially HVAC.
2. Must be able to perform as Project Engineer.
3. Must able to take off quantities from the drawings.
4. Must have sound knowledge of HVAC system design.
5. Must able to select HVAC equipments based on requirements.
6. Must able to communicate with client and handle the Project.
7. Must have strong communication skills.
8. Must have minimum of 3 years experience in MEP projects.

1. Must have minimum of three years experience in MEP PROJECTS.
2. Must have degree in mechanical
3. Must have strong and profound personality
Experience 3 - 5 years
Education Basic - Diploma ( Mechanical ) , Bachelor of Technology/Engineering ( Mechanical )
Nationality Indian
Gender Male

Position: Manager
Tel: 44604351
Fax: 44600751
Email: manager@gulflifa.com