Monday, March 19, 2012

Teach The Children - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Description: Looking to hire an experienced and good Teacher Nanny on full time basses in order to educate and supervise the full development of refined 3 Canadian Jordanian children.

You have to have the needed educational degrees, necessary practical experience, and personal capability and all needed skills to carry out this important and rewarding job.

The children are 13 years in Year 8 + 11 years in Year 7 + 9 years in Year 5… They only speak English

Your main responsibilities include but not limited to the following main points:
1. Teach the children and dramatically enhance their educational capabilities
2. Motivate and encourage the children to complete their daily homework’s
3. Assist and guide the children in correctly doing their daily homework
4. Teach the children and develop their knowledge on all subjects
5. Focus on both the Math as well as English Reading & Writing
6. Manage all of their school activities and involvement

Very Good salary with accomodation and tickets... You are kindly requested to send your CV to chairman@comcra.com