Monday, April 9, 2012

Marketing Coordinator - Beyout Investment Group - Kuwait

- To execute and analyse the success of marketing campaigns and advertisements.
- Work with the market research team to develop case studies, templates, interpret customer purchasing statistics.
- Develop realistic marketing strategies, objectives, targets and measures.
- Manage online marketing campaigns and publish write ups on blogs and social networking websites.
- Participate in press meetings, and writing press releases.
- Develop monthly updates of pricing sheets, data sheets and keep an update about price changes.
- Manage marketing newsletters and use latest technology for achieving a greater audience.
- Represent the firm in corporate events, industrial meets, trade shows and marketing conferences.
- Assists the Marketing team in building a score card system for evaluating the quality of a services offered by BIG and its subsidiaries
- Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company’s Health and Safety policy
- Maintains a strategic working relationship with team and all key departments.
- Bachelor degree in Business specialization in marketing or Advertising preferred.
- Minimum two years of experience in handling all aspects of Business development/Sales &Marketing strategies
- Excellent multitasking abilities
- Well-aware of various marketing tools and techniques

Beyout Investment Group(BIG)
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