Friday, May 30, 2014

Officer - Event - Exihibitions Marketing - Oman Air - Muscat

-University Degree.
-Knowledge of airline business and changing global marketing and communication trends
-Good communications skills (written/spoken)
-Good financial Skills

1. Carry out post evaluation of promotional events and provide an evaluation report for each promotional activity and present recommendations for improvement. This includes detailed explanation of event spends.

2. Identify major promotional events and exhibitions in the market plan of relevant countries and participate in organizing events in order to ensure consistence in brand image and coordinate with Corporate Communications & Media Department (CC&M) in order to obtain pre/post publicity for the event.

 3. Provide feedback to the Manager Marketing Communications on suggested promotional items, sourcing including giveaways, banners, display material, direct mailers etc and coordinating the timely dispatch of such items.

 4. Co-ordinate  all purchase requests for giveaway items and printing requests for all collateral/promotional material which includes checking off samples, obtaining approval from the management and liaising with the Supply Chain Management Department (SCM) in order to maintain the high standards and quality of WY items.

 5. Maintain close relationship & contacts with local/ overseas event management firms, Ministry of Tourism, ROP, Hoteliers, Multinational Organizers, etc in order to assist in promoting Oman and WY.

 6 .Co-ordinate as requested, on any promotional activities with Sinbad Frequent Flyer Program, Sales Department and the Cargo Department in order to create additional selling opportunities.

 7. Liaise with internal customers on their requirements and take appropriate actions such as briefing the event coordinators, stand builders and agencies, follow up in order to ensure that the deliverables are met on time and within the budgets allocated

 8. Coordinate with internal departments for accessing relevant marketing information

 9. Prepare the necessary documents for internal approvals for all assignments initiated and maintain records and samples of all such activities

 10. Check and verify invoices of all materials and services

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