Friday, December 30, 2011

Tunisian Architect for - Saudi Arabia

Needed Tunisian Architect for Saudi Arabia. Must have the following Qualifications and skills:
*At least a graduate of four-year degree course in architecture at a recognized university, with 3-5 years experience.
*He or she should have working knowledge of architectural/home/interior design 3-D capable software such as the Chief Architect, AutoCAD and others.
*Added experience, knowledge and qualifications on building regulations, eco-architecture and green building technologies will be an advantage.

The candidate should also provide at least three (3) samples of portfolio.
Other Skills The ability to stay organized. Sound mathematical skills. Strong communication skills. The ability to work independently. A creative mind that looks at things from multiple angles.

The ability to manage ones time effectively and to meet deadlines.

A willingness to resolve problems when they arise. A willingness to work long hours, both in the office and on-site.

The ability to thrive in pressured or stressful situations. The ability to calculate the most cost-effective option in different situations.

Please send your CV (with photo) in English to info@pinpointuae.com