Sunday, November 23, 2014

Officer Management Investigation Committee - Oman Air - Muscat

Educational Qualifications Education:
Academic: - Graduate Degree preferably in commerce Professional qualifications :- Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) together with at least one of the following qualifications: Certified Internal Auditor (‘CIA’), CPA, CA  or equivalent is highly preferred Special Skills & Knowledge: Strong administrative and leadership skills Knowledge of auditing policies relating to evidence evaluation,  Criminal Evidence Act Strong verbal and written communication skills;

Experience Required
5+ years of experience in fraud investigation preferably in a professional firm of forensic accountants

Job Location Muscat

Job Description

Ensure that all fraudulent activity reported to the Management Investigation Committee (MIC) is investigated as efficiently and effectively as possible in a professional and organised manner, resulting in appropriate penalties for those responsible so as to deter such activity as far as possible, across all functions in the organisation.


•Review and assess all information, received by the Management Investigation Committee (MIC) from any source, to determine the prima facie need to investigate the matter further. This would take into account the reliability of the source, the adequacy of the information and the objectivity of the complaint/accusation so that further investigative effort is expended only where considered necessary.
•Provide an opinion to the MIC on whether or not to pursue the complaint further, and also whether to investigate it in-house or by using external expertise.
•Should external expertise become necessary, then to prepare a briefing document on the work involved, based on which external experts could be identified through the usual procurement methods.
•Once appointed, brief the external experts appropriately, ensuring that they have access to all documentation and people as considered appropriate. For this, brief, as considered appropriate, all Senior Management officials whose areas would be involved in the investigation. This would be on a “need-to-know” basis.
•Coordinate all external investigative work to ensure that it is conducted efficiently and in a professional manner.
•Ensure that the final report of the External Experts is considered adequate and is based on a reasonable assessment of the evidence, and reaches a conclusion as would be appropriate under the circumstances.
•Where considered appropriate, investigate allegations of fraud using internal resources, after getting direction from MIC. This would require an initial dialog with Internal Audit to determine what additional information is available.
•Participate in conducting witness interviews in a professional mannar .
•Gather and evaluate evidence based on the professionally accepted criteria for fraud investigation.
•Organise workload through prioritisation so that critical investigations are conducted in as timely a manner as possible
•Conclusions of all investigations, conducted internally or by third parties, must be presented in reports which lay out the allegation, the evidence examined, the conclusion (establishing or non-establishing of fraud), as well as carefully thought out outcome of the conclusion.
•Where necessary, the reports should provide guidance to MIC regarding involvement of external legal entities like the Prosecutor’s Office, police, courts, or any other legislative body if necessary.
•The Reports should also provide guidance to the HR function and the respective Line Managers suggesting appropriate deterrent for fraudulent activity, in the shape of penalties etc.

• Provide appropriate consultancy services to Senior Management elating to fraud prevention measures, whistle blowing policies, adequacy of deterrent measures both in HR policies and in general within each function, especially in those where the potential for fraud is the highest, such as cash or other liquid asset handling functions.

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