Friday, September 23, 2011

Architect - DeLite Engineering - Kuwait

Working closely with other professionals like surveyors and civil engineers. Producing drawings and specifications for construction & Joinery Team.
Involved in designing student campus accommodation and associated facilities.
Identifying customer requirements and attending meetings on site.
Helping to co-ordinate technicians and craftspeople.
Ensuring Interior projects are completed within budget and schedule.
Liaising with local authorities and regulatory bodies re: building regulations.
Helping to prepare company tender applications.
Writing design and technical reports. An understanding of all aspects of the design and procurement process.
Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
Responsible for specifying the nature and quality of materials required.

P.O. Box 277, Qurtuba 73502,Kuwait
Tel : +965 4916116, 4916336
Fax : +965 4831783
E- mail : customerservice@delite-eng.com