Sunday, April 1, 2012

Head of Information - Systems - Military Technical College Sultanate - Muscat - Oman

A new cross-service state-of-the-art and well-resourced Military Technological College (MTC) campus is being built to prepare both military and civilian students for lifelong future employment in military and civilian technology-driven careers.
The MTC undergraduate and postgraduate vocational provision will reflect top vocational excellence in higher education and training, initially in a range of engineering disciplines. These MTC awards will be approved, accredited and conferred by an esteemed international university, leading to internationally recognised personal Incorporated and Chartered Engineer status and the prestigious EASA aircraft maintenance licence, thereby ensuring that the MTC awards are amongst the most highly regarded internationally.

The MTC wishes to recruit a team of highly competent professional staff at both academic and support senior manager level to form and lead MTC to the vision of excellence. Candidates are required in the following areas: (Infrastructure) Primary duties include analysing systems and processes, maintaining workstations and networks and designing, developing and maintaining web-based applications. Further detailed information on the qualifications and job descriptions for Engineering and Support staff can be found on the website at www.Jobs.ac.uk Further detailed information on the qualifications and job description for English Head and Deputies of English must refer to the website at www.tefl.com Enquiries and CVs must be sent to mtc@modus.gov.om  or headmtc@modus.gov.om  by no later than 13 April 2012.