Thursday, March 29, 2012

Store Keeper-Technical Purchaser-Licensed Aircraft Engineer-Training Coordinator - Saudi Arabia

JOIN OUR GROWING TEAM A private VVIP Operator is looking for qualified and dynamic individuals to be part of the team. We operate a modern fleet of VVIP aircraft including – Airbus A340/RR553, A340/CFM56, A330/CF6, A310/CF6,A320/V2500, A319/V2500 and CFM56, BD700/BR710 and B747 complying with the highest operational standards.

Store Keeper (JOB INDEX 2323) Responsible to efficiently control and administer all technical store areas, and ensure all inventory correctly transacted on the computerized inventory system. Ensure that all the Company’s Quality section instructions related to materials and spares control are strictly adhered to, and fully conversant with all Technical Materials Section procedures in the section. Applicants should have 5 years experience in Aircraft stores, packing for shipment by air, sea and road.

Technical Purchaser (JOB INDEX 2312) Main responsibility is to ensure proper and efficient material purchase in order to supply the necessary support for the Technical Division, and to avoid short comings and AOG situations. Responsible for procurement of Aircraft/ Power-plant/ Landing-Gear Components, General/ Standard Parts/ Spares, Tools, Modification Kits, Equipment, Instruments, etc. from approved sources at the most competitive price and at the right time to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of routine and special environment. Applicants should have 5 years experience in material sales/purchase at a vendor and general aviation and engineering knowledge.

Licensed Aircraft Engineer (JOB INDEX 2212) As a Licensed Aircraft Engineer, you will be expected to perform the duties of an “Operating Engineer” on a rotating basis. This will involve extensive travel and time away from base. In addition to this, you will also be responsible for the routine and non-routine maintenance performed at home base. Your responsibilities will include the competition and certification of all maintenance activities on the assigned aircraft to ensure that it is serviceable and available at all times. Applicants must hold Full EASA 66 licenses in category B1 or B2, and have a minimum of 5 years previous commercial airline experience, and must also be current on at least 2 of the above mentioned fleet.

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE OFFICER (JOB INDEX 2321) Responsible to clear and process all incoming air and sea consignment from customs for Technical Divisions. Applicants should have 3 years experience as a Custom Clearing Officer or Agent with appropriate Import and Export License endorsements. \

TECHNICAL REPAIR & WARRANTY ADMINISTRATOR (JOB INDEX 2313) Responsible to ensure the availability of rotate components, follow-up of repairs, to claim warranty from manufactures for new aircrafts, engines, equipment and components to meet the operational needs and ensure cost efficiency. Applicants should have a Diploma in Engineering, 10 years in airline, vendor experience in materials, logistics, planning and business transactions.

Training Coordinator (JOB INDEX 2241) Responsible for the day to day administrative duties of the Technical Training Department to ensure that all staff are appropriately qualified within the framework of Company’s Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition, Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), Technical Procedures Manual (TPM) and QCAA regulating requirements. Applicants should have 3-5 years of secretarial/admin experience. RECEIVING &

INSPECTION OFFICER (JOB INDEX 2322) Responsible to ensure that quality of materials received is to the standard required, conforms to the specifications and descriptions given on the accompanying documentation. Ensures that there is an adequate control over acceptance, storage and issuance of all approved materials. Applicants should have a High National Diploma and 5 years experience in Aircraft Stores. Your tax-free salary includes privileges like company accommodation or housing allowance, medical insurance and other excellent benefits. Applications stating the individual position of interest should be received no later than March 30th 2012. P
lease submit your CV to: Email: go.recruit@yahoo.com
Please add Area Code 966