Saturday, March 2, 2013

Manager Operations Control - Flight Dispatch - Oman Air - Muscat - Oman

    1)  Degree preferably in the field of Aviation
    2)  Dispatcher licence or certificate or equivalent.     
    3)  Management using large JAR-25 or FAR-25 aeroplanes or equivalent.

Experience Required    
10 years experience in CAR/JAR-OPS 1 or FAA part 121 airline of which 5 years managerial experience in Operations Control & Flight Dispatch

1) Maintain the Company Operations Manual Part C (Jeppesen Flight Guide) and ensure in coordination with the Flight Operations Librarian that the aeroplane and Flight Service copies are continuously updated; 2) Ensure proper liaison and coordination with all departure aerodromes for adequate production of operational and ATC flight planning, weather, NOTAMS, EUROCONTROL SLOTS and any other relevant dispatch requirements; 3) Evaluate ASR and MOR notifications and update accordingly the aeroplane movement screen and MOR automated memos; 4) Keep close communication with Control Centre, and in particular notify them in a timely manner of MORs, SLOT allocations and any other information sensitive to the good performance of the operation; 5) Plan all flights maximising payload available through efficient planning and use of fuel (fuel tankering, cost index), weather information, ATC requirements etc., and to obtain the optimum route for every flight; 6)  Ensure that proper briefing to crew is given on all relevant information pertaining to the flight, including crew rotations and deviations, aeronautical and meteorological peculiarities, aeroplane operational status and station abnormalities that are likely to affect the scheduled flight or possible diversion; 7) Maintain staff competence in all Flight Service matters, including but not necessarily limited to: navigation procedures, all flight planning programmes, dispatch procedures, national and international AIPs, Eurocontrol procedures, over flight clearances and permissions; 8) Keep a continuous route and airfield watch of NOTAMs and other navigational warnings; 9) Ensure adequate fuel planning, in compliance with the Company's fuel tankering policy, through joint consultation with the Flight OPS Engineer, Commanders and line stations by utilising aeroplane performance data, latest fuel prices, meteorological and aeronautical information and aeroplane rotation planning;

Closing Date     05-03-2013

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