Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Master Supply Technician - Honeywell - Kuwait

Property Book supply representative to all customers; supervises day-to-day property book activities including posting, editing, and filing of all property book documentation; supervises assigned technicians and data clerks to ensure that required actions are performed in a timely and efficient manner, and training is maintained as system changes are received.  Responsible for accountability and maintaining team equipment, to include all GFE. Performs a variety of tasks. Duty week based on 12 hour day/6 days a week. Overtime authorized on limited basis.

    Must be a U.S. Citizen and possess a secret security clearance.
    Must have at least seven (7) years of Property Book / supply experience and have worked at the Battalion level or higher.

Additional qualifications:

    Demonstrated leadership experience, such as Platoon Sergeant or Property Book Team Leader, or 90 days experience as HTSI Supply Technician.
    Five years experience on an automated property book team or minimum of 90 days experience as a HTSI Supply Technician.
    Must be proficient in PBUSE to update and post property book transactions.
    Must possess the ability to independently analyze and resolve difficult issues and problems in the assigned area of responsibility involving accountability processes, work methods, supply data management or day-to-day operational procedures to manage complex classified supply programs.
    They must possess a thorough knowledge of supply regulations and policies and the ability to manage multiple hand receipts and hand receipt holders.
    Good verbal and written communications skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Processes data entry and transmits data to appropriate site.
    Edits and performs quality assurance and quality control checks during input of data from source documents.
    Assists in quality control edits by retrieving reports for data collectors and Team Chief.
    Organizes all completed source documents and mails with appropriate attachments to filing site.
    Makes weekly transaction tapes along with weekly form counts and prepares tapes and forms to be mailed to appropriate site.
    Runs required reports for supervisor.
    Daily, inputs hours worked into the HTSI database via Deltek/CostPoint software.
    Twice monthly, reviews and authenticates input as accurate and complete.
    Will be required to perform other duties as requested, directed or assigned.

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