Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marketing Engineer - DESCON Engineering - Doha - Qatar

Job Description
Establishing Liaison:

 Maintain & establish healthy liaison with existing & potential clients in order to acquire more business for respective Business Area and gain privilege directly linked with company’s profitability.
 Acquire business target as set in the Annual Business Plan of the BA

 Market Intelligence:
 Perform market intelligence related to potential projects, competitors, and other factors affecting Company’s business in order to assist I/C Marketing & management to formulate marketing related strategies to acquire more business for Company.

 Interface Meetings:
 Interface meetings with Clients, Head BA, and Operations Manager to facilitate business acquisition

 Inquiry Synopsis:
 Read inquiry documents, prepare synopsis and obtain feedback from concerned persons to assist management for decision on bid(s).


 Make charts, progress reports, presentations related to marketing in order to keep I/C Marketing, Head BA, Operations Manager and Head BD informed about new business developments at BA level.

 Communications and Working Relationships:

 Ongoing communication with Head BA, Operations Manager, I/C Marketing, and Marketing staff for BA marketing related issue.
 Ongoing communication with other departmentsfor work related issue.
 Ongoing communication with clients for establishing good liaison, acquiring specifications related to bids, and responding against inquire / quires received (from client side).
 Follow up on PQC and bids submitted

 Frameworks, Boundaries and Decision Making Authority:
 Work is performed under the directions of the Incharge Marketing, Head BA, and Head BD.
 Suggestions pertaining to the project(s) bid(s) are provided by this position to concerned authorities for decision making authorities.
 Decisions with respect to scheduling of work are taken by this position in agreement with I/C Marketing
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