Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warehouseman - Daleel Petroleum - Oman

Minimum Academic Qualifications:
Diploma or High Diploma in Business Management or similar discipline.

Minimum Work experience:

Minimum of 4 years experience in Oil and Gas materials management, inventory control and warehousing.

Skills & Competencies Required/Know How:

·         Good communication skills and team work.
·         Interpersonal skills and time management.
·         Good written and spoken English.
·         Computer Skills; MS Word, Excel, Access and Power Point.
·         ERP System is preferred.

Accountabilities :
·      Receive Materials check quantities, quality and description of goods matches the Company Purchase Order.
·      Provide technical support inquiries for new spare parts proposals.
·      Monitors spare parts inventory forecasts vs. inventory transactions activities and develops appropriate min/max storing levels.
·      Prepare Materials Requisition and Service Requisition.
·      Inform end-user upon arrived of material at site, follow up with Procurement department outstanding of delivery and clarify end-user Monthly bases.
·      Moving materials and items from receiving or storage areas or to other designated areas.
·      Marking materials with identifying information using appropriate method.
·      Undertakes periodic stock checks against inventory listings and identifies anomalies, resolves issues and reports unresolved issues to Warehouse Supervisor.
·      Generates stock reports showing inventory and stock movements on a monthly basis and as instructed by Warehouse Supervisor.
·      Works with auditors to provide access to stock records and manual stock checks as required.
·      Coordinates for sending materials and parts for repair and maintenance.
·      Daily report to Warehouse Supervisor of Material consumption, Material receiving and issuing.
·      Provide necessary reports and analysis needed.
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