Friday, July 26, 2013

HRD Specialist - ARASCO - Riyadh Saudi Arabia

- A minimum of a bachelor degree in a Human Resources, Business Administration, Engineering or English Translation/Literature streams is required.

- No prior experience is required for this position.

Compensation and Benefits
(Organizational Designs & Job Descriptions)
 Maintains all organizational designs and job descriptions according to HRD standards.
 Processes and publishes OD Change Requests.
 Attends job analysis/evaluation sessions and documents minutes of meatings.
 Performs search on similar ODs & JDs for use in the OD Change review.
 Drafts JDs & ODs according to HRD standards.

(Incentives and Awards Management)
 Processes Employee Status Change Requests and updates the database with the changes.
 Reviews Performance Appraisal results company-wide and offers feedback on alignment, misalignment and inconsistencies.
 Prepares the annual increments proposal document.
 Prepares the annual incentives/bonus proposal document.

(HR Information Management)
 Maintains the different databases (ERP, iARASCO HRD website, JDs and ODs) and ensures they are up to date whenever any changes arise.
 Prepares the quarterly HR Business Report.
 Prepares other HR-related reports on request, either for the HRD department’s use or any other entities, whether internal or external to ARASCO.
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