Friday, August 30, 2013

Microbiologist - National Prawn Company - Saudi Arabia

Qualification & General job Description:-
    Graduate in Microbiology with minimum 4 years’ experience in a Microbiology Laboratory or Post Graduate in Microbiology with minimum 2 years’ experience in a Microbiology Laboratory.
    Analysis of microbiology aspect in shrimp samples and related samples from the various sections.
    Coordinate with the Section Officer for the samples issues.
    Maintain the Chain of custody.
    Conduct various microbiological tests for raw, finished products and related samples for complying with the necessary requirement of sale to Saudi Arabia and Exports to all nations.
    Maintain different types of controls, blanks in throughout the analytical cycle.
    Maintain all laboratory machineries in cleanliness and good working conditions.
    Communicate the test results with the Section Officer and the respective departments.
    Perform all activities in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practices.
    Implement of the traceability requirements in the laboratory.
    Maintain all records for relevant EU, HACCP, FSMS, ISO, EMS and other certificate audits.
    Make stock statement for dehydrate media, chemical, glass wares etc.

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