Friday, August 16, 2013

Ski Patroller - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

1. Advanced Skier and/or snowboarder
2. First Aid certified.
3. Fluent English, Arabic is an advantage.
4. Team Player
5. Flexibility in terms of working hours
6. Strong character
7. Customer service orientated
8. Effective communication skills

We are seeking a qualified Patroller to assist customers and ensure safety on the slopes.

Key Tasks:
1. Ensures security and proper signage on the ski slopes.
2. Assist in First Aid.
3. Conducts any evacuations of injured skiers to the First Aid centre.
4. Informs and orients the skiers with regards to the slopes situation.
5. Assist in the maintenance of the slopes.
6. Assist any skier when and if required.
7. Miscellaneous other tasks as reasonably required.

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