Monday, June 2, 2014

Analyzer Technician I - SADARA Chemical Company - Saudi Arabia

Ensure that on-line system analyzers perform in accordance with the specifications (i.e., Response Time, Accuracy, Precision and Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)).
    Participate in review meetings to identify opportunities for system analyzers’ performance improvements based on periodic maintenance data and calibration records.
    Ensure that service requests are well understood, value adding, and aligned with the business, unit and team goal.
    Communicate regularly with plant personnel to assess the team’s performance and operational status.
    Lead in monitoring and obtaining calibration standards, parts and consumable items for analyzers.
    Apply statistical tools (e.g., SQC charts) in the evaluation of analyzers’ variables and in determining calibration needs.
    Participate in reviews that identify opportunities to optimize the number of analyzers performing on-line and in the lab.
    Keep abreast with latest trends and technological advancement in the related fields; network with peers to share technology and leverage problem-solving and prevention expertise.
    Comply with EH&S guidelines and overall safety processes.
    Perform any job-related activities as requested by the immediate supervisor/manager

Academic and Professional Qualifications (minimum)
    Associate degree in Industrial Chemistry or related area in Engineering / technology field.
    At least seven years of related experience

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