Friday, June 6, 2014

Senior Associate - Principal for Partnership - Islamic Development Bank - ISD - Jeddah

This role is responsible for managing ICD's relationship with other DFIs, financial institutions & Governements and also for fund raising campaigns and strategies. This involves identifying strategic and tactical funding partners with a focus on long term commitment for ICD and its clients. This will involve an end-to-end approach, starting with the identification of strategic partners and finalizing the terms to agreement to maintaining those relationships effectively going forward.

    7-9 years
    Established banker with Fund raising experience within financial institution and/or DFI


Master’s Degree in Banking , Finand or Accounting.

Forecasting financing needs for ICD and   its clients by understanding business needs from coverage and product teams   to ensure sufficient availability of capital to fund ICD projects

Developing a shortlist of target   strategic partners to be contacted in order to source funding in terms of   both, strategic and tactical funding

Networking with potential strategic   partners to introduce ICD's institutional profile, its product and service   offerings, as well overall developmental agenda

Initiating conversations to forge   mutually beneficial partnerships, capturing broad expectations around   financial terms and sharing the details of ICD's deal structuring process

Monitoring new funds against targets,   establishing monthly fundraising steering committee to last for campaign   duration and reporting  to the   fundraising campaign committee regularly

Updating investment and funding plans   based on fund raising levels and engaging with investors to ensure the   commitments are met

Mediating between strategic partners   and the internal stakeholders at ICD (Equity or Debt teams as relevant and   the Head Partnerships at a mature stage of negotiation) to structure longer   term funds and finalize the terms of agreement

Liaising with stakeholders at IDB in   order to identify suitable strategic partners, and leverage their network to   bring in additional sources of funding for ICD

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