Thursday, June 5, 2014

Customer Relation Manager GMPRD - Bahrain - AA Bin Hindi

Carry out professional Marketing activities; conduct field visits to current and prospective customers; gather Market and Product information; handle customer accounts and provide guidance on enhancing customer relationships. focus on quality, pricing and product. Retain customer loyalty and preference by establishing rapport with the customer, planning and developing customer-focused programs.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience
    Master / bachelor Degree/Diploma in Business Administration or related field
    Minimum experience of 5-8 year(s) in account /customer and business relationship management, customer service or sales experience is useful. Experience in Managing a call center is a must.

Required Skills

    Core competency in customer service skills
    Extensive background in Market research
    Strong Presentation and Communication skills
    Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English and Arabic.
    Outstanding leadership skills and dynamic public speakers
    Knowledge of the practices and procedures for project management, sales, marketing and strategic planning
    Knowledge of company's products and services
    Creative, Professional attitude and Appearance.
    Confident, Energetic and Self motivated.
    Computer Skills & Strong Inter-personnel skills.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Plan, executive and follow up on the customer retention campaigns through variety of media including SMS, email, call center & social media channels.
    To meet agreed targets set out in converting enquiries into bookings and supporting the ongoing communication between the team.
    Enhancing customer relationships and focusing on quality, pricing and product.
    Ensure that all CR related activities such as follow-up calls , proactive calls, handling customer complaints , increasing customer awareness and analyzing customer feedback is been executed on time.
    Proficient in call center management, produce periodical call center data analysis reports to respective division. Liaise with all divisional managers on the issues for CR related activities
    Liaise with the quality department on CR activities such as customer satisfaction survey, customer complaints etc.
    Identify and analyse the Group’s strengths and weaknesses and respond to opportunities and threats in the Market.
    Develop and implement appropriate strategies by selecting, segmenting and targeting markets and promoting products and services to those markets
    Should be capable of executing the company’s objectives of an efficient loyalty program in long term customer retention plan.
    Conduct regular field visits; handle customer concerns, act as support to the marketing activities.
    Liaise with the GMPRD team in gathering and providing information of all the company’s products, services and activities
    Create and maintain up to date call answering script for the CR team and ensure that the team is guiding the team in right direction
    Consistently generate new opportunities with existing and new clients.
    Builds positive relationship with team and create a environment where they can take initiative and succeed.
    Creates a balance between meeting short term business needs and making long-term investments in activities such as relationship building, knowledge-creation and self-improvement. Has intense client focus, and prioritizes time accordingly
    Managing major client relationships, contributes to the life and culture of the firm.
    Solve the problems which is been escalated by the CR team

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