Thursday, June 5, 2014

Senior Translator - Oman Air - Muscat

Graduate in English Literature.
Excellent in English and Arabic proficiency.
10 years in Translation field preferable in aviation industry.

-Assists all departments in translations.

-Prepares Arabic and English correspondence.

-Translates documents and technical reports from Arabic to English and vice versa for all departments.

-Prepares Arabic letters for CEO’s office.

-Summarizes the management and technical reports and translates them for presentation to the Board and the ad hoc committees.

-Prepares reports on some activities of the Company.

-Translates quarterly and annually reports and the CEO’s reports.

-Prepares and / or translates formal speeches and press releases of the Chairman and the CEO on some occasions or events.

-Translates different circulars of the Company.

-Technical report writing and editing.

-Replying some correspondence as and when requested by some departments.

-Translates advertisements and public notices for the shareholders.

-Translates various articles for company magazines and publications.

-The job covers a wide range of translations including, but not limited to: Airport and flight operations, engineering, finance, commercial, planning, catering, customer services and relations, etc.

-As the nature of work in the Company is highly confidential, utmost care and attention is taken in organizing, handling and completing the work within specific time frame.

-Translates the updated manuals and technical and financial reports, to and from Government bodies such as Ministries, government companies, the State Audit Institution and the Public Prosecution (ROP) beside the reports from Internal Audit Dept.

-Assists in managing the work professionally and in a very competitive and progressive environment.

-Should have background of the related laws and legislations pertaining to Omani Joint Stock Closed Companies and the Omani Labour Law.

-Carries out any other assignments as directed by his superiors.

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