Monday, June 11, 2012

Senior Research Analyst - Al Argan International Real Estate Company - Kuwait

-Prepare Investor Reports;
-Provide presentations, reports and market assessments according to requests from all the company’s departments;
-Issue Country Snapshots that monitor the progress of real estate markets in GCC countries on quarterly basis;
-Assist project managers in monitoring and evaluating their projects by developing indicators, benchmarks and mechanisms for monitoring progress towards key objectives;
-Collect daily news related to real estate market in GCC and MENA region;
-Ensure data accuracy and data consistency in all deliverables.

Education / Skills
-Presentation Skills,
-Strong Communication skills,
-Decision Making and problem solving,
-Up to date with GCC stock markets.
-Demonstrate Research analysis methodologies
-Ability to analyze and interpret information
-Organize information into coherent ideas
-Bilingual, Fluent in English & Arabic
-Advanced computer skills.
-Experience in sell-side reports.

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