Friday, December 13, 2013

Project Coordinator - MDS-SA - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

IT Project Coordinators direct and monitor the requirements, framework conditions and progress of short-term IT projects involving a limited number of personnel. They ensure development of products and services to customer requirements within the specified resources. IT Project Coordinators define goals and outline approach and make adjustments within the constraints set to achieve the optimum results. IT Project Coordinators work with specialists in the field of development, users and customers, produce goal and target specifications, solve any conflicts that arise and minimize potential risks. They direct technical and personnel resources to ensure project results conform to quality, time and budgetary stipulations. They ensure working conditions that permit project personnel to implement the development work in the most cost-effective manner.

• Good communication skills both verbal and written.
• Ability to deliver programs to a high quality.
• Business awareness and commercially focused.
• Leadership and strong management skills.
• Ability to devise solutions to complex problems.
• Energy and enthusiasm to motivate and engage others.
• Personally credible with strong interpersonal skills.
• Strong influence and negotiation skills.
• Integrity and approachability.

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