Friday, January 25, 2013

Medical Delegate - Al Ain - Nestle Middle East

The Medical Delegate is responsible for the ethical detailing of Nestlé Infant Nutrition products in his/her territory by clearly communicating to medical / paramedical contacts accurate information about these products, their features and benefits and their appropriate use in compliance with the WHO Code / Nestlé Instructions and National Codes.

·         The Medical Delegate should maintain a good working relationship with other personnel in the company and in the field (sales counterparts) and show a positive attitude towards the job, work, company colleagues, contacts, supervisors, subordinates, etc.
·         The Medical Delegate is expected to take a personal interest in further self development which besides work related topics should include sports, hobbies and community / social activities.
·         The Medical Delegate is expected to show initiative / enthusiasm in his / her work.
·         The Medical Delegate is expected to show persevereance and drive in his / her work.

·         The Medical Delegate must be a reliable source of information on infant nutrition and infant feeding practices for his / her contacts in areas that interest or affect them in their regular practice. Any questions / problems not handled by the Medical Delegate should be reported to the Field Supervisor – Nutrition.
·         The Medical Delegate should adhere strictly to the WHO Code / Nestlé instructions and / or national code as well as local regulations in this regard. No violations will be tolerated and complaints received will be investigated leading to appropriate action.
·         The Medical Delegate should follow cycle detailing guidelines ensuring that scientific factual information reach the contacts and communication objectives achieved.
·         The Medical Delegate should also provide feedback to the Field Supervisor on his medical visits and acceptance of the communication by his contacts.
·         The Medical Delegate should actively participate in company organized training courses, seminars, etc.
·         The Medical Delegate should organize medical / scientific group meetings and presentations to his contacts to enhance their knowledge on Infant Nutrition.
·         The Medical Delegate should be fully knowledgeable on the WHO Code Management System Policies and Procedures and his practices should be fully compliant with these Policies and Procedures.

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