Monday, October 7, 2013

Consultant To Develop Cultural Communication Strategy - UNDP - Kuwait


    Master’s degree required from an accredited four-year college or university in marketing and mass-communication with comprehensive knowledge of social sciences and history, or a related field.

    At least three years experience in cultural communication in a museum or related educational institution;
    Demonstrated success in creating and implementing cultural communication programs for all age groups;
    Demonstrated success in “training the trainer” programmes;
    Membership of recognized professional bodies.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Develop strategies and provide training in the planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of media and communication programs that meet the diverse needs of DAI audiences;
    Develop strategies and provide training in the development, implementation and evaluation of outreach communication strategies to promote DAI to target various demographics;
    Assess, develop and implement the current media plan;
    Prepare the specifications for the selection of the media agency which will be partnering the launch of the awareness campaign;
    Support DAI in the evaluation process and in the selection of the correct media partner candidate;
    Develop strategies and provide training in planning and implementing media campaigns for events, conferences, and exhibitions that are managed by DAI;
    Develop strategies and provide training in recruiting and managing employees and volunteers to plan and implement cultural communication programs;
    In collaboration with the curators and educational programmers, provide training related to the planning and development of public-relations programs, media workshops, symposiums, and other communication platforms to attract adult and youth audiences to Islamic art and culture;
    Undertake any other tasks pertaining to the consultancy deemed appropriate to DAI and UNDP.

Expected Outputs:
    DAI Kuwaiti nationals / appointed staff trained in media campaign planning for museums and communication strategies;
    Development of an operative manual for the staff which will lead the future communication strategies;
    Development of the Tender technical documentation and specifications for the selection of the media agency/partner for the launch of the campaign;
    Support to DAI in the selection of the correct media partner;
    Support in the implementation of the DAI media campaign;
    Monthly and final reports to assess the progress and the results of the mission.

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