Monday, October 7, 2013

Expert In Administration - UNDP - Kuwait

    Masters or PHD in Public Administration or related field.

    Minimum 8 year Experience in all areas related to general/public administration and the Training & Development areas.
    Previous working experience in the government sector.

The consultant is expected to provide technical administrative consultations to the Administration and Finance department at the General Secretariat for the Supreme Council of Planning and Development (GS-SCPD), with the following objectives:

    Strengthen the relationship between the Administration and Finance Department and other departments in GS-SCPD by using the most up-to-date best practices and procedures;
    Provide action-oriented recommendations and plan to reestablish the hierarchical organizational and administrative units and add specialties and responsibilities that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of different departments in the GS-SCPD;
    Provide proposals and recommendations to improve the Training Department’s credentials and expectations.
    Support the Training and Development Department by preparing and updating job descriptions of all employees in the General Secretariat;
    Simplifying work procedures for different departments within the GS-SCPD and provide recommendations and solutions to reduce paperwork and documentation cycles in order to accelerate and improve the performance of specified tasks;
    Continuous monitoring of the achievements in the periodic follow-up reports of the Training and Development Department in relation to the yearly plan and providing feedback to those reports;
    Issuing, monitoring, and distributing the “Services and Departmental Procedures Manual” to all different departments within the GS-SCPD;
    Issuing an annual bulletin that specifically identifies all the accomplishments and goals of the Training and Development Department and distributing that manual to all employees of the GS-SCPD;
    Improving and updating all the Training and Development Department forms, especially those related to the evaluation of employee performance and evaluation forms of employees after attending training, in coordination with the Civil Service Commission.

Expected Outcomes
    Technical and administrative studies and consultations;
    Develop and implement a strategy to strengthen the role of the Training and Development Department in the GS-SCPD;
    Improve the performance and qualifications of the Training and Department in all areas;
    Improving and reorganizing the organizational hierarchies and specialties in all units in coordination with all the different departments within the GS-SCPD;
    Revising and specifying significant outputs in the “services and procedures manual” and in all job descriptions assigned to each employee of the GS-SCPD.

    Ability to advocate and provide policy advice;
    Awareness of the need for development and operational effectiveness;
    In depth knowledge and strong track record of using internationally oriented  programs and instruments;
    Good understanding of the rules governing program management and implementation modalities as set by the beneficiary. This attribute is a plus;
    Ability to lead formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects;
    Strong communication skills.

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