Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project Supervisor - Almajdouie - Saudi Arabia

 To evaluate the needed resources which are presented in the work down structure for projects that is provided from the direct supervisor.
 To calculate, demonstrate, and counsel the recommended the not available resources to be provided from outsource or to be purchased, this recommendation will be submitted for further approval to be implemented by the buyers.
 Communicate, follow up and recommend any needed information in responding of customers queries and project members.
 Follow up, track and ensure that the resources will be available on time and location needed.
 To provide the necessary reporting to direct supervisor supporting the processing of preparation of estimated projects or within processing the project itself to minimize the effects of deviations.
 To report in advance about unexpected problems regarding any criteria of the resources that serve fulfilment of proposed goals.
 Provide ranking, and or classifications used for inputs regarding the cost, location, project phase, timing…etc.
 Provide detailed and summarized reports tackling the expected and the actual costs that can provide a tracking of consumption per resources, project phase / time, milestones, or other categories used.
 The ability to provide with costly-timing alternatives to reduce the effect of unplanned or unexpected stock off that support the implementation of the project in at any phase.
 Collaborate in defining and implementing an inventory planning, allocation and replenishment program that ensure gaining project resources as recommended.

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