Monday, October 7, 2013

National Consultant For Metal Conservation - UNDP - Kuwait

    Degree in conservation from a recognized university (or equivalent institution);
    Membership of recognized professional bodies.


    10 years minimum of proven experience in the field of ancient artifacts conservation, specifically in metal, at national or international level.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Assist DAI to undertake conservation work on the collection for KNM and undertake any other work pertaining to the conservation of the collection as requested by the concerned authorities.
    Train and advise the DAI assistant conservators in conservation work on the collection, with specific emphasis on ivory artifacts.
    Liase with curatorial and exhibition staff.
    Coordinate with collection office to meet expected output and guarantee quality work.
    Coordinate with conservation office to meet expected output and guarantee quality work.• Undertake any other tasks pertaining to the consultancy deemed appropriate to DAI and UNDP.

Expected Outputs:
    Kuwaiti nationals / DAI appointed staff trained in conservation of metal artifacts.
    Support to DAI collection and conservation offices in implementing the methodology of conservation for the artifacts in ivory.
    Monthly and final reports to assess to progress and the results of the mission.

    Knowledge and familiarity with the DAI collection.
    Knowledge and familiarity with the DAI cultural mission and vision.
    Excellent exhibition installation knowledge and experience.
    Excellent teaching skills to help develop Kuwaiti nationals.
    Excellent communication skills.
    Ability to exercise considerable individual judgment and initiative in conducting the necessary operations within the program.
    Ability to coordinate project activities with diverse groups and individuals.

Application Deadline :    14-Oct-13

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