Monday, October 7, 2013

Driving Test Consultant For The Ministry Of Interior - UNDP - Kuwait

    Degree in Police Studies or equivalent from an accredited university or police academy with extensive training and successful completion of upgrading examinations.

    More than 20 years of relevant professional work experience after graduation, including field, administration, and training experience, and upgrading for senior ranks;
    Experience in implementing successful training schemes, development of national standards and guidelines, and promotion of integrated programs and achieving outcomes.
    Leadership in management of road policing / driving school department, and appreciation of traffic enforcement, and driving instructor and examiner requirements.
    Experience in the development of complex road safety, enforcement and traffic management strategy;

The consultant should demonstrate diverse skills in various areas of driving test, policing training, knowledge transfer, and capacity building including, but not necessarily be limited to, the following.

Technical Knowledge

    Knowledge of requirements of driving training, and a proven record of providing training for various professionals with strong appreciation of the benefit of link with world leaders in the driving test;
    Application of effective driving test programs and road safety and enforcement strategy through use of scientific knowledge, modern equipment, tactics and human resources development to deter unsafe and unacceptable driving behaviour on the road networks;
    Ability to strengthen skills of traffic police, engineers and technical staff to engender their leadership role in modern driving test system, enforcement, procedures, and relevant matters;
    Promotion of clever management practice to overcome problem of limited resources, knowledge in the modern driving test issues and relevant disciplines. Awareness of relevant areas such as driver license issues, vehicle registration, road engineering, traffic operations, vehicle issues, management, traffic camera, road user's behavior, enforcement, and coordination;
    Strong communication, problem solving, and organizational skills.
    Awareness of relevant principles of roads, traffic management, vehicle types, driving license classifications, driver / road user behavior, and information systems.

Achieving Results

    Proven record of delivering training programs and running courses in the field of driving test;
    Appreciation of the protocol of data collection and analysis;
    Ensure work contributes to achieving organization and national goals;
    Ability to develop national driving standards and guidelines.

Staff Knowledge
    Ability to help staff to find a variety of ways to expand knowledge, and provide sustainable training and development program.

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