Saturday, October 12, 2013

Director - Treasury - Corporate Finance - Sidra Medical Research Center - Qatar

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, the Director-Corporate and Treasury Finance is responsible for directing and managing cash management for the organization, ensuring compliance with financial controls, financial analytical leadership and support for all key Treasury and Corporate Finance decisions.  Including financial risk management, and Finance support for funds, grants and research.

Degree in Business or Finance (Commerce/Accounting)
Graduate degree in a business or management discipline; with emphasis on Business Information Systems

    5+ Years managing or directing teams in treasury and corporate finance
    8+ Years post-designation experience in accounting and/or industry experience
    Managing or directing teams in treasury and corporate finance in a healthcare institution or company

    Manages corporate treasury, directs daily management of the treasury, and coordinates cash forecasting and analysis
    Develops and maintains external financial relationships with the Ministry of Finance, Supreme Council of Heath and Qatar Foundation
    Directs the overall cash management planning and cashier functions; including account organization, cash flow monitoring and controls, bank accounts, and electronic banking needs; cash balance, and funding from the Ministry of Finance
    Supports financial reporting requirements for Treasury and Corporate Finance matters
    Negotiates and structures financial details with the banks
    Use financial modeling to predict outcomes
    Liaises with accountants, lawyers, financial experts and regulatory bodies in a Corporate Finance Officer capacity, including leasing activities
    Oversees the banking relationships and contracts, developing strong commercial bank relationships
    Assists in formulating and submitting grants financial proposals
    Creates, designs and implements processes and procedures related to grants financial management and financial proposal development
    Reviews and identifies potential post-award issues on new awards, particularly for procurement issues, capital expenditure and refurbishment
    Identifies potential or actual financial risks arising on awards and takes all reasonable and appropriate steps to mitigate or eliminate the risk with the Principal Investigator, external sponsors, partners and sub-contractors
    Liaises with research funds and grants management, directing and providing finance support as needed
    Responsible for compliance with debt agreements, global cash management and cash investment policies
    Manages and assesses financial risk and risk management mitigation, collaborating with corporate risk management as needed
    Leads other aspects of Corporate Finance analysis as needed
    Responsible for selecting, developing, and deploying staff in the most effective manner to meet assigned objectives
    Responsible for performance management, compensation decisions, rewarding and recognizing employees, and providing on-going, regular performance feedback and training as needed
    Monitors the daily operating activities of the team and makes necessary adjustments in work assignments
    Maintains knowledge of, and complies with, established Finance policies, procedures, workflows with respect to Treasury and Corporate Finance
    Attends administrative meetings and participates in committees and working groups for Treasury and Corporate Finance as requested

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