Sunday, October 13, 2013

Payment Systems Support Officer - Gulf International Bank - Manama - Bahrain

Minimum Qualifications & Experience Requirements:-
• Degree in IT / InfoSec or related discipline, with 3 years experience in Information Security / Technology.
• Preferably an InfoSec related professional certificate, like CISSP or CISA.
• Knowledge of Security Incidents & Event / Log Management concepts and tools
• Preferably a working knowledge of PCI-DSS standard and Social Media risks mitigation.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

1- Assist Payment System Coordinator (PSC) to perform operational duties for as per PSC Checklist.
2- Assist PSC to provide and maintain user system access and administration in compliance with the applicable policies and procedures.
3- Regularly produce and review payment systems access and security logs to ensure the security of the systems, investigate any irregular activities and inform PSC of the incidents and findings.
4- Assist PSC to develop and maintain relevant policies and procedures.
5- Familiarize with, adheres to and enforce Bank’s / InfoSec’s policies, standards and procedures.
6- Participate in the Information Security Operational Risk assessment and suggest necessary steps in mitigating such risks.
7- Assist PSC to ensure satisfactory cooperation with internal and external auditors and adherence to regulatory requirements.
8- Keep up to date with information security and payment system issues and seek to participate in the relevant training.
9- Assist PSC in the general provisioning, update and testing the Bank’s /InfoSec DR /Business Continuity Planning.
10- Assist with the implementation of Security Operations Center
11- Perform security reviews of systems and inform PSC / InfoSec staff of related issues.
12- Participate in the handling of information security (WIRE) issues assigned to the area.
13- Assist other InfoSec staff on day-to-day tasks based on InfoSec checklist.
14- Assist InfoSec members in properly filing all related documentations.
15- Assist in any other task as assigned by line managers.
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