Saturday, October 5, 2013

Security Guard - InterContinental - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

A minimum of 2 - 3 years experience in a similar capacity at a star class hotel, A high school diploma and any kind of training in security services and self defense. English being the common language used at Inter Continental Riyadh, basic knowledge of the Arabic and Hindi languages will also be advantageous when dealing with hotel guests and colleagues as well.

Remuneration Package
Considering your experience and competency for this particular role we would offer you an attractive basic salary, medical insurance, transportation allowance, housing allowance and access to a variety of healthcare and recreational facilities.

At InterContinental Riyadh, we expect employees of all fields to have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics to some extent and this quality must reflect in the work that you do. Here at our hotel, honesty is very much recognized, appreciated and never goes unnoticed. As a Security Guard, you will be working alongside a vigilant group of security personnel and reporting directly to the Security Shift Leader.  Keep in mind that at the InterContinental Riyadh we are sure to provide you with all the right tools for you to maximize your potential and move forward with your career.

As Security Officer, you will be responsible for implementing safety and security policies and will also be:
    Responsible for the safety and security of guests, employees and establishment needs during shift
    Report all hotel property deficiencies and safety or security hazards
    Initiate action to improve a hazardous situation immediately
    Be familiar with location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment
    Maintain the security system
    Maintain a surveillance of those areas that are frequented by guests and all work areas
    Ensure checks are conducted on fire panel, fire hose real outlets and fire barriers and all other safety equipment and ensure that all are in good working order
    Ensure hotel alarm system is in good working order

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