Friday, October 11, 2013

Senior Accountant - Al Yasra Fashion - Kuwait

General Accounting:
1. Register and update fixed assets including recording disposal on system.
2. Prepare and follow up JV (Journal Voucher) for advertising, business travels, printing and stationery, insurance, expenses, partners’ credit cards, Amex collection, rent… etc.

Sales Accounting:
1. Compare and enter sales report with stock and delivery status on daily basis.
2. Ensure accuracy on promotion invoices and do follow up with divisions in case of discrepancy.
3. Track manual invoices.
4. Maintain updated filing system for sales reports.

Petty Cash:
1. Prepare JV (Journal Vouchers) for petty cash expenses.
2. Check movement of petty cash by comparing it with existed reports on daily basis.
3. Do periodical reports and forward to Accounts Supervisor to track the petty cash status.
4. Maintain records of petty cash payment and reimbursement.

Receivables and Payables:
1. Receive payment by cash, cheque, credit cards, vouchers or other debits.
2. Issue receipts, refunds and credits to customers.
3. Calculate total transactions and payments received on daily basis, reconcile them with total sales of the day and prepare the daily report related.
4. Sort, count, and wrap currency and coins.
5. Prepare and follow up daily cash statement, bank deposit voucher for the cash received and submit it to Accounts Supervisor.
6. Answer suppliers' questions and provide information on procedures related to payment processes.

1. Prepare daily and weekly cash, online banking and treasury reports.
2. Arrange cash/cheque deposits, transactions and banking documents such as L/C (Letter of Credit), L/G (Letter of Guarantee) and T/T (Telex Transfer).
3. Do partners banking matters on priority basis.
4. Do required filing for treasury documents in accessible methods.
5. Prepare suppliers and staff payments and BRS (Bank Reconciliations Statement).

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