Sunday, October 14, 2012

Head Of Internal Audit - Air Arabia - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Reference No: ABY12-139


The purpose of this role is to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of control, governess process and risk management within AIR ARABIA. Assists all members of the Management of the Company and the Board of Directors in the effective execution of their responsibilities. To this end, the department provides independent examinations, consultancy, investigations, evaluations, recommendations and comments on areas and activities reviewed. Furthermore it works in partnership with management and adds value to the organization through advices, guidance and recommendations. The scope of activity extends to group / associate companies also.

Main Responsibilities

• Develop and maintain Company-wide audit policies and practices.
• Develop Company-wide internal audit plans and programs and Participate in and monitor execution of internal audits programs / assignments.
• Ensure consistent application of corporate financial and accounting policies and practices.
• Reviewing the reliability and integrity of the financial, operating and other management information systems and means used to identify measure, classify and report such information.
• Reviewing the means of safeguarding assets and as appropriate verifying the existence of such assets.
• Appraising the economy and efficiency with which company’s resources are employed and identifying opportunities for improving operating performance.
• Observe and review the proceedings/functions of various committees as required by Audit Committee so as to express an independent view.
• Co-ordinate with External/statutory auditors.
• Review and approve all significant changes in financial and accounting systems, practices and procedures to ensure the internal control.
• Carry out investigations and audits as suggested by the Senior Management or by the CEO / Board of Directors, in order to determine the facts and causes of suspected irregularities.
• Ensure the improvement of the existing policies, practices and procedures are developed in order to improve the controls and to safeguard the assets of company.
• Report to the Board / CEO / Audit Committee about the adequacy and effectiveness of the company’s system of internal administrative, accounting and financial controls and the quality of operating performance when compared with established standards.
• Follow-up the status of audit reports and recommendations and submit follow-up Report to the Board/CEO and the Audit Committee.
• Design and schedule the Department’s annual audit plans and implement them after Board / CEO approval.
• Make presentation on audit activities and studies on company and subsidiary organizations as required by Audit Committee /CEO / Board of Directors / Management.
• Prepare the Department’s annual plans and capital and operating budgets and, once approved, control expenditure and staffing against these plans and budgets.
• Exercise effective management of the Department’s staff in terms of selecting, training, motivating, evaluating and disciplining in appropriate liaison with HR function.
• To ensure that the resources of the departments are effectively utilized.
• Fully responsible for co-source / outsource of audit assignments.

Desired Profile
• Qualifications and Experience:

Chartered Accountant or equivalent with additional qualification like CIA. Professional membership / certification in Aviation industry is definitely an added advantage. At least ten years of experience in Internal Audit, Finance, Accounts and related areas with exposure to Airline Industry.

Interested candidates may apply for the position by sending a copy of their updated resume to cv@airarabia.com