Thursday, October 18, 2012

Manpower Development Specialist - ADMA - OPCO - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

*  Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Discipline or equivalent.
*  Proficient in English Language.

Work Experience  
*  5 - 6 years experience in Competency Assurance and IT information Management Systems. Professional experience acquired in Operational Oil Industry environment. Experience in Competency Assurance and IT information Management Systems.

Required Skills     

*  Carries out and organizes in conjunction with Line events and campaigns of Assessment and verification for Juniors Development Programmes and other groups of employees within the scope of the CAMS project.
*  As a part of a team of qualified Assessors and verifiers follows up plans of Assessment and Verification Campaigns and Organised assessment events in alignment with CAMS development plans.
*  Acts as a source of expertise on practical and implementation aspects of CAMS Assessment and verification in ADMA – OPCO.*  Ensures standards of independence, objectivity and fairness are maintained in assessment and verification processes and practices as per CAMS standards including provision of independent observation and Internal verification.
*  Assists in training and coaching others in Assessment and verification standards and techniques for all individuals who have assessment and verification roles and provides coaching support for independent observers.
*  Participates in Training events in Assessment & Verification process.
*  Plans, coordinates and monitors IDP and CA external verification campaign and external Verification Events by ADNOC as directed by S/L.
*  Ensures effective follow – up of Assessment and Verifcation Plans of Juniors (and of other groups of employees within the scope of CAMS in close liaison with the CAMS implementation Team and the Line.
*  Maintains accurate and standardized records of results and detailed gap analysis for every Assessment and Verification Event.
*  Coordinates, arranges and records final assessment and verification events for Junior being brought to Operational and Independent Status.
*  Ensures pre – determined standards of quality and evidence requirements are identified and understood by participants in the process and prior to Assessments and Verifications events.
*  Acts as an Independent Observer to Assessment & Verifcation events, internally verifies and monitors assessment and verification processes and provides feedback and advice to Assessors in order to maintain and improve Assessment & Verification standards of practice. Records and reports findings to Section Leader.
*  Participates in internal and external audit of Assessment and Verification process in ADMA – OPCO.
*  Participates as required in the appeals procedure and in the cases of dispute arising from the application of Assessment and verification standards in ADMA – OPCO.
*  Works in line with HSE policy, and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates.

Carries out the process of Assessment and Verification (both Internal & External) of the Competency Assurance Management System in ADMA – OPCO to ensure that the process of implementation meets agreed standards of quality, objectivity, reliability, consistency and fairness, contributes to the custodianship and internal integrity of CAMS Assessment & Verification Standards in ADMA – OPCO.

End Date 10/18/2012

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