Thursday, October 18, 2012

Production Manager – Steel Structure - PEB - Bahwan Engineering Group - Muscat - Oman

Job Description
• Co-ordinating with design to provide full job drawings at starting stage to avoid revision during manufacturing stages.
• Briefing/ Updating reduction team for any criticality in job as per order details.
• Reading order forms of various new jobs listing to understand critical points in job.
• Arrange to review drawings received for various errors prior to manufacture and later discussing with design for root cause to prevent the same in future.
• Planning for raw material availability.
• Arrange for making manual plate cutting layout targeting minimum wastages / offcut.
• Guiding production engineers in making alterations in various stations as per critical of particular day.
• Meetings with production & quality engineers for continuous improvements in quality and productivity with recording of defects trends.
• Ensure job delegation to subordinates, helping them to take more responsibilities by enriching them with authorities.
• Ensure daily scrap movement after weighing, to scrap yard and limiting scrap with in limits specified.
• Ensure sufficient addressing to engineers, mentioning safety as top importance in an organisation, with tracking formats.
• Manpower skill updating thru training and motivation.
• Efforts in reduction of man power at individual station through automation, training and time study.
• Organizing co-ordination meeting with dispatch department and communicate them in advance for tentative manufacturing schedule of jobs + Inspection + Payment.
• Release of weekly dispatch planning schedule of commercially cleared & customer inspected jobs. Monitoring the dispatch on daily basis according to the plan.
• Planning of dispatch as per site erection sequence to avoid any delay during site erection at later stage.
• Maintaining proper stock of bought out items like hardware, clips etc.

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