Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Head of Faculty - Learning Manager - Gems Education - Saudi Arabia

Job Purpose:
 - Effective management and delivery of programmes of study across different disciplines
 - Contribute to delivery of at least one of the Faculty/Learning Area specialisms at Diploma level to TOP quality standards
 - Maximise student recruitment, achievement and retention across the programmes of study
 - Lead, manage and performance manage Faculty/Learning Area teams.
 - Contribute to the marketing and recruitment of students
 - Contribute to the planning, design and delivery of TOP curriculum strategy
 - Quality assurance and improvement of all programmes of study under Faculty/Learning Area remit, including preparation for inspection

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
 - Oversee the development of a comprehensive curriculum offer - development, delivery and assessment strategy for TOP – aligned to Saudi Skills Standards - which will maximise transformative teaching and learning and which includes vocational tasters
 - Develop strategies and implementation plans to use technology to enhance and support the curriculum across the Faculty/Learning Area
 - Provide effective leadership and direction for the Faculty/Learning Area, developing a strong culture of customer service, ensuring the team structure and service levels meet TOP needs.
 - Lead the development of vocational curriculum including vocational testers, where appropriate
 - Work with Director of English to embed English in the vocational curriculum under the remit of the Faculty/Learning Area at all levels
 - Introduce technology-enhanced assessment wherever feasible and appropriate, including the use of e-portfolios
 - Work with the Director Partnerships and Marketing and employers to ensure that OJT is available and appropriate
 - Appoint and oversee vocational assessors and verifiers
 - Work with the Director of Facilities and estates to establish and manage workshops and realistic work environments where OJT with employers is not feasible
 - Risk assess all OJT workplaces
 - Provide students (and staff where required) with innovative on-line and traditional resources to develop their vocational and English skills.
 - Set the criteria, where required, for the recruitment of students to programmes in the Faculty/Learning Area and provide support to the recruitment process

 Qualifications and Experience:
 - Degree or an equivalent professional qualification in a subject area relevant to the Faculty/Learning Area plus a teaching/instructor qualification
 - For non-native English speakers, a minimum of IELTS6.5 is required
 - At least three years’ experience as a tutor or instructor PLUS at least five years’ course leadership/coordination experience in a vocational or training setting  (minimum eight years in total)
 - At least three years’ experience in a business or industry relevant to Faculty/Learning Area discipline is preferred
 - Experience as an assessor, verifier or in course standardisation is preferred

Application process:
If you feel that you meet the above criteria we would welcome your application. Please note that, due to segregation as mentioned above, we are looking for Female applicants only at this stage.
Please submit your full CV and letter of application to Leonora.dowley@gemseducation.com by the closing date of 31st May 2014.

For assistance in completing your profile or submitting an application please email