Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nurse - Embassy of the United States of America - Kuwait

Job Description
Duties Include

- Health orientation for new arrivals to include but not limited to: completion of patient registration forms, obtaining medical clearances, orientation to public health risks and preventive health behaviors, assessment of family health status and immunization needs.
- Coordination of medical clearance examinations to include scheduling medical appointments, blood work and other tests as required, assist medical personnel with patient examinations.
- Coordinate and liaise with local medical providers/facilities as well as insurance agencies for embassy staff outpatient needs or local hospital admissions when indicated
- Maintain and administer vaccination program as per CDC/DOS guidelines for both adult and pediatric population
- Basic triage and nursing assessment of routine/urgent /emergent adult and pediatric medical needs
- Dispensing of medications from Health Unit pharmacy or coordination with local / mail order pharmacies
- After hours “on-call” telephone availability as directed by Foreign Services Health Practitioner
- Provision of CPR/First Aid/Baby-Nanny Sitting courses as needed
- Assists in coordination of patient medical evacuation for routine or emergent care abroad
- Maintains health records in compliance with DOS guidelines
- Manages and procures medical equipment or supplies as needed.

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