Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Instructor - Cross Subject - Gems Education - Saudi Arabia

Job Purpose:
 - The teaching, training and assessment of students and other client groups to quality standards set by the TOP.

 - The tutoring and management of one or more courses or groups of students.

 - The development and delivery of vocational programmes aligned to Saudi Skills Standards

 - The development of programmes to incorporate English language teaching into vocational subjects

 - The support and assessment of students undertaking on the job training

 - The teaching of vocational  subject(s) to Diploma level (EQF level 5)

 - The development of short taster courses and programmes for employers and the community in specialism

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
 - Teach, train and assess students and other client groups in  subject specialism to Diploma level to quality standards set by TOP

 - Tutor and manage one or more courses or groups of students

 - Act as a course tutor to student groups with the associated organisation, administration, and monitoring of attendance including the collection of data for course evaluation.

 - Ensure that the programme of study complies with current validation requirements of Saudi Skills Standards

 - Undertake assessor, verification or standardisation processes and procedures as required by TOP specifically relating to the requirements of the validating and examining bodies and to ensure consistency

 - Support ILT integration within the vocational curriculum across TOP as appropriate.

 - Tutor other student and trainee groups including the maintenance of records of achievement and undertaking training visits, as required.

 - Counsel students and maintain discipline as required.

 - Manage and assess students attending on the job training or are working in a TOP-based realistic work environment

 - Liaise with employers while students are undertaking on the job training

 - Participate in the recruitment of students, including interviewing, attendance at Shows and Careers Conventions.

 - Participate in curriculum development to meet the needs of changing industrial demand and TOP strategic planning.

 - Participate in demonstrations and practical activities with students and trainees on all courses.

 - Participate in self-assessment as required by TOP to meet COE expectations, contribute to target setting, RAG ratings and auditing monitoring processes.

 - Assist in the maintenance and sustainable development of resources and commercial activities.

 - Attend professional development day and evening meetings, courses, etc. considered to be of benefit to TOP and the individual.

 - Accompany students on visits, field trips and similar activities in line with TOP policy and code of practice for educational visits.

 - Monitor and support students’ academic progress, including collection and follow up on attendance and punctuality, early leaver and destinations data

 - Comply with TOP recording and course related administrative requirements, including the keeping of records of work, schemes of work, lesson plans, assessment schedules, registers, and student details

 - Attend team and college meetings as required

 - Promote the welfare of young people in all aspects of TOP College life and to ensure safeguarding arrangements are adhered to at all times.

 - Ensure that all learners, customers and clients receive exemplary service and attention at all times.

 - Demonstrate fully and at all times the generic competencies and professional behaviours expected of all staff employed by TOP

 - Ensure that all Health and Safety legislation and good working practice is observed, including the completion of and adherence to risk assessments and accident reports.

 - Undertake any other duties as required by the Principal, Head of Faculty/Learning Area and as may be reasonably expected commensurate with the post. This may include either the temporary or permanent re-deployment to an equivalent grade of post within the organisation.

 - Work within the laws and cultural requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 Qualifications and Experience:

 - Degree in relevant subject specialism plus a postgraduate teaching qualification/ internationally recognised instructor qualification and at least three years vocational teaching experience preferably with young adults 


 - An equivalent professional qualification Diploma level, with six years’ industry experience plus a relevant teaching or internationally recognised instructor qualification and three years’ experience of teaching preferably young adults


 - Eleven years industry experience and a basic instructor qualification and preparedness to improve teaching or instructor qualification

 - For non-native English speakers, a minimum of IELTS6.5 is required

Application process:
If you feel that you meet the above criteria we would welcome your application. Please note that, due to segregation as mentioned above, we are looking for Female applicants only at this stage.
Please submit your full CV and letter of application to
Leonora.dowley@gemseducation.com by the closing date of 31st May 2014.

For assistance in completing your profile or submitting an application please email careers@gemseducation.com