Sunday, October 21, 2012

Senior Manager IT Security - Oman Air - Oman

Graduation in Computer Networks & Security or Similar

Experience Required  
Minimum 10 years in IT networking & data security domain

    Establish and develop the security policies and procedures for the company in order to ensure highest level of system security and implement the security programs developed
    Provides direction and supervision to the staff assigned to the Security & Standards groups; develop, plan and implement goals and objectives and assists with strategic plan relating to the network infrastructure for Oman Air.
    Plan, design, implement the mitigation plan and ensure all systems, network and applications are secure and fully compliant with the security policies set.
    Evaluate known vulnerabilities to determine if additional safeguards are needed, conduct risk assessment, plan for securing the information in order to ensure configuration of relevant IT software, hardware and firmware.
    Conduct system security audit regularly and ensure classified systems are operated and maintained in accordance with the policies and practices outlined in the applicable documents.
    Researches and/or develop new technologies in relation to server/application management, infrastructure management, monitoring, provisioning and security.
    Monitor system security requirements during the life cycle phases and system recovery processes to ensure that security features and procedures are properly maintained.
    Coordinates the development and execution of effective security awareness programs to educate the users on the ethical and secured use of information technology resources
    Investigates possible violations of security and coordinates response to computer and network security incidents to include, but not be limited to, notification of incidents to the appropriate administrators, and law enforcement if necessary.
    Develops and coordinates procedures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data and software; conducts routine audits of these procedures.
    Works closely with the IT Operations and programming staff on the identification and implementation of appropriate security software and hardware.
    Keeps abreast of changes to existing and proposed state and federal legislation and regulatory laws pertaining to information system security and privacy.
    Keeps management aware of the regulatory changes that will affect information privacy, information processing and/or security standards and techniques.
    Constantly monitor and advise the company officials and key users periodically on status of information security and confidentiality conditions including problem areas and recommended enhancements on security issues and/or events

Closing Date     31-10-2012

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