Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cost Controller - Marriott Hotel - Saudi Arabia

o provide the Management and F&B department the needful assistance to control cost, to ensure that F&B control procedures are adhered to, ensure and monitor activities related to F&B cost controls areas includes F&B purchasing, receiving, storage and issue, menu planning, analysis, portion control, pricing inventory and forecasting.


1. Ensure that F&B purchases procedures being followed, to ensure the presence of a senior staff from kitchen at the time of receiving the food products. Report deviation to management.
2. Verify and ensure that standard purchase specifications are followed.
3. Verify the accuracy of entries of the daily receiving and that all items received have been properly invoiced as compare to our L.P.O any errors and corrections are properly checked and corrected at the receiving point.
4. Verify all Food & Beverage invoices with regard to prices and rates charged. Conduct a regular market survey (minimum once a month) to ascertain the trend of prices in the market.
5. Review the daily market list from time to time by scrutinizing the quantity ordered are in line with the business trend in the hotel and seek justification from the Chef for any item requested which is not in line with the business trend.
6. Ensure that all F&B purchases of each month are reconciled with the Accounting General Ledger.
7. Have a regular and spot check of storage practices as to expiry date and rotation of items and to monitor movement of slow and fast moving items.
8. Ensure procedures for issuing items from stores is being followed and that items issued only on written requisition signed by authorized persons.
9. Prepare and circulate Daily Flash Food Cost Report, Beverage Cost Report and to establish the F&B cost for each outlet/restaurant.
10. Prepare monthly analysis of Food & Beverage costs and statistics as required by the Director of Finance or advised by the Executive Chef.
11. Prepare the daily Management and staff duty meal report and entertainment report.
12. develop the control procedure for banquet functions and special events and to ensure the proper costing to the offered menu is being done prior to the function or event, also ensure that opening and closing inventory is taken for every function or special event held in or outside the hotel.
13. Conduct a regular inventory, spot check to all F&B Outlets and take the monthly inventories of Food & Beverage with the presence of the storekeeper and his immediate supervisor, any shortage or excess should be reported to Director of Finance and notify the Executive Chef accordingly.
14. Monitor the purchase of beverages to ensure the stock on hand ordered by F&B Outlets is in line with the upcoming business level and the hotel is adherence to the local laws regulations.
15. Prepare outlet wise menu costing to be reviewed from time to time, analysis and advice management on menu costing.

1) Necessary skills to perform up to the standards.
2) Willingness to learn.
3) Positive attitude.
4) Desire for advancement and development.
5) Good English language (oral and written)
6) Relevant experience in the same position is preferable.

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