Sunday, December 23, 2012

Project Coordinator - ELM - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Responsible for coordinating projects focusing on the technology of the project and      working within the constraints of scope, quality, time, and cost, and within established project policies and guidelines, to product specific product and contribute specific results towards the overall project effort. Also, Responsible for regular contact and examination of contributions by the project's stakeholders, encompassing user representatives, service providers, and others a sappropriate, bringing about a "meeting of the minds" as to requirements and/or performance according to established policies and guidelines, and reporting so that corresponding action is taken.

Your job profile will include, but not limited to the following:
    Maintain contact with owner's stakeholders to ascertain project requirements and/or level of satisfaction with progress and performance.
    Maintain contact with the project's service providers to ensure timely activity, integration and efficient use of resources to meet requirements.
    Produce detailed reports and notifications as appropriate.
    Take pro-active or corrective action if authorized to do so.
    Examine technical and technology documentation for completeness and latest versions.
    Coordinate inspection and report progress of the work.
    Coordinate practical details of the transfer of the care, custody and control of the final product,including assembly and transfer of operational and maintenance documentation.
    Ensure all given objectives of the team are properly documented and approved.
    Ensure the team's objectives are consistent with the project's stated Key Success Indicators and the specific objectives for the phase.
    Prepare plans for the team's work consistent with the overall project plan.
    Work within the project guidelines And report deviations from the given tolerances.
    Report technological risks and mitigation strategies.
    Ensure product issues are reported and resolved.
    Coordinate work with other project teams Including product assurance activities.
    Report progress of the work and forecast completion.
    Performs other duties as required.


            - Bachelor or diploma in computer field (computer science, information system or engineering).

Closing Date: 16-Jan-2013

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