Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warehouse Manager - NAQEL - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Bachelors Degree or Masters
Proficient in MS Office,
Communication skill,
Warehouse Management

Minimum 8 - 10 years of experience in Warehouse Management

1 Manage all activities related to Warehouse.
2 Establish and implement a warehouse policy and stock management system.
3 Manage and maintain an effective working office, effective security, stock management and supply.
4 Monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods.
5 Coordinating and controlling the order cycle and associated information systems.
6 Analyzing data to monitor performance and plan improvements and demand;
7 Allocating and managing staff resources according to changing needs As per customer demand & orders focus on stock and distribution.
8 Inventory control procedures and perpetual stock verification.
9 Approval and control of shipping, material handling and storage costs.
10 Preparation of reports as per management requirement.
11 Monitor (and control of) all materials in transit.
12 Responsible for internal audit & stock management.Port, customs and export / import documentation.
13 Liaising and negotiating with customers and suppliers;
14 To ensure a very close and professional coordination between Operations Department, Sales Department &
15 Finance Department to achieve a 100% service rate on customer orders.

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