Thursday, April 10, 2014

Car Polisher - Washer - Alfardan Group - Doha - Qatar

§ He ensures that the quality of polishing meets the satisfaction of the workshop supervisor/group leader.
§ He checks all equipment are functioning, assures no chemicals are left after completion of cleaning process.
§ He checks the car before polishing and if any damage encountered, he reports it to the Group Leader.
§ He polishes the car according to the Company Standard.
§ He ensures that protective covers are used in all vehicles before carrying out any polishing and valeting job
§ He informs the Workshop Supervisor of any additional work required.
§ He informs the Supervisor any delays in polishing when the completion time cannot be met.
§ He maintains the general cleanliness of the workshop and specific work bay at all times.
§ He ensures accurate time recording (clocking on and off) for all polishing jobs.

He should use his initiative and be supportive to his colleagues at all times
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