Saturday, April 12, 2014

Geotechnical Engineer - Dubai - Fugro Middle East - UAE

Qualifications required:
    Bachelor in Civil Engineering or Geology
    At least 3 year’s experience in soil investigation & laboratory testing, derivation of parameters, in depth understanding of soil mechanics, familiar with rock mechanics, basic foundation computations, foundation testing, etc…
     Updated with geotechnical engineering design, logging, laboratory and in-situ-testing standards uses Fugro learning material available to do so
     Assess geological features; prepare mapping, thorough understanding of field testing and proficient with drawing / mapping computer tools.
    Computer literacy to quickly grasp computational geotechnics packages and excel
    In-house computational spreadsheets
    Fluent in English, with excellent writing skills

Skills / experience required to do the job:
    Handle all project logistics and technical matters in coordination with senior geotechnical engineer and operations department.
    Review of geotechnical logging, in-situ tests processing by field personnel and technical assistant.
    Assess soil design parameters, perform engineering analysis and write report for review/approval prior submission.
    Liaise with clients on all project matters and maintain good relationship with them, inform senior geotechnical engineer or lead geotechnical engineer in case of deviation from project program, technical issues or anticipated high profile meetings.
    Keep updated on new technical resources and geotechnical advance.
     Find solutions in coordination with the senior geotechnical engineer or lead geotechnical engineer for all problems faced or anticipated during a project.
    Respect budget on project and maintain financial control on project including prompt invoice preparation and submission, follow up with clients and inform geotechnical engineer or lead geotechnical engineer of any issue in this respect.

Key Accountabilities:
    Provide service in accordance with client’s request and contract specifications
    Review projects requirement, organize and implement appropriate techniques. Assists in the planning, prepare method statement and quality plans for field investigations and supervise lower grade personnel in the field or office on project basis if instructed by senior or lead engineer
    Prepare report, laboratory program and submit for review approval. Develops foundation soil parameters, design assessment, engineering analyses and prepare final report for approval. Review and check report and engineering analyses of others
    Product Manager for selected Fugro products and thereby gaining expertise through literature and/or studies
    Establish and maintain long term relations with clients and business partners
    Updated and actively contribute to implementation of published Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environmental procedures in the work place

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