Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clinical Nutrition Dietetics Supervisor - Sidra Medical Research Center - Doha - Qatar

The Clinical Nutrition Supervisor is responsible for leading and demonstrating the provision of safe, patient and family focused quality care. The Clinical Nutrition Supervisor is  a key member of the interprofessional team and ensures that standards for clinical nutrition care are adhered to at service level.  The Clinical Nutrition Supervisor works collaboratively with the Clinical Nutrition Manager to ensure that commissioning, recruitment, onboarding, orientation and service activation responsibilities are carried out in accordance with Sidra’s plans and timelines.

    Bachelors degree in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
    5+ years of experience inclusive of 2 years progressive management experience in specialty area in a North American Academic Institution, or equivalent in UK, Republic of Ireland, EU states, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand
    Current Dietetic License from country of origin
    Demonstrated ability to lead, manage and motivate teams to meet care objectives
    Demonstrated ability to delegate, supervise, and evaluate the performance of clinical interventions
    Demonstrated ability to design, coordinate and evaluate plans of care
    Demonstrated ability to apply and integrate knowledge and skills into practice
    Demonstrated ability to use risk analysis tools to anticipate safety risks
    Demonstrated ability to access, critique, and analyze information sources
    Demonstrated ability to synthesize data, information and knowledge on patient outcomes and modify interventions to improve health care outcomes
    Demonstrated ability to teach, assess and develop educational materials for staff and patients
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    Experience in organizing data and generating thorough, accurate, timely reports
    Demonstrated experience with Clinical Information Systems (CIS)
    Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite
    Fluency in written and spoken English

    Serves as a professional and role model for staff and is an advocate for patients and their families demonstrating behaviors consistent with the organizational/education competency framework, Sidra values, policies, procedures and guidelines.
    Provides supervision and guidance to staff ensuring that all care is provided in accordance with Divisional Core Standards and established policies and procedures.
    Evaluates and ensures that individualized discharge planning needs are assessed on admission.
    Ensures an interprofessional approach to facilitate a timely discharge or transfer to the next level of care or home.
    Ensures safe patient care by making patient assignments based on patient acuity and skill mix.
    Evaluates and ensures that clinical documentation, diagnoses and plans of care are integrated and effective in delivering an individual plan of care.
    Promotes a safe environment and safe patient care by embracing a safety culture and identifying areas of risk.
    Demonstrates an understanding of evidence-based healthcare methodology and its ability to positively impact patient outcomes.
    Participates in the integration and evaluation of research into practice.
    Utilizes outcome measures to evaluate effectiveness of care through the review of data and the questioning of inconsistencies.
    Works towards the achievement of agreed key performance indicators for self and unit.
    Identifies patient care issues and/or strategies to improve and positively impact on the quality of care and patient outcomes.
    Collaborates with the Clinical Nutrition Manager and Clinical Educators in planning, implementation and evaluation of patient/family and staff education.
    Applies problem solving techniques and evidence based solutions to service related issues. Evaluates and ensures appropriate escalation of issues to meet patient/family/staff needs and resolve conflicts.
    Communicates effectively and efficiently with patients, families and colleagues, addresses patient/family complaints immediately and assists in the investigation of written complaints.
    Ensures the effective orientation, precepting and support of new staff and students.
    Provides a welcoming work environment and monitors and tracks individuals’ progress.
    Contributes to the employee performance appraisal cycle objectively and assists with action plans arising from appraisals as necessary.
    Counsels and/or disciplines staff when appropriate.
    Supports the retention of all staff by creating a healthy work environment that facilitates teamwork, and treats colleagues, patients/families and visitors with dignity and respect at all times.
     Ensures relevant information is communicated to all staff effectively and efficiently.
    Maintains effective administrative processes in the service and reviews and revises service policies and procedures as required.
    Contributes to the achievement of cost efficiency savings in the service and maintains an awareness of resource utilization, exercising care in the ordering and use of equipment and materials.
    Reports equipment failures, safety and security issues, and/or reduction of supply inventory.
    Supports the achievement of successfully implementing clinical information systems at unit level.
    Leads Performance Improvement activities and committees on the service as assigned.
    Develops and sustains own knowledge, clinical skills and professional awareness and maintains a professional profile.
    Provides documented evidence of own performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.
    Deputizes for the Clinical Nutrition Manager as required.

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