Monday, April 21, 2014

Commercial Planning - Support Manager - Zain - Saudi Arabia

Overall supervise on project and budget activities for the Commercial division within the constraints of scope, resources, deliverables, quality, time, and cost. Ensure that deliverables are tracked, reported, risk identified and mitigated. Assist CCO in controlling costs and expenditures by optimizing the budget for a better allocations in the purpose of collecting high revenues.

    Master Degree in a Communication/ Marketing or business related discipline.
    5 + years relevant Telecom project management experience or management consulting
    Project Management, Leadership and Organisation Skills
    Ability to identify key issues and establish priorities
    Ability to operate in a diverse multicultural, multinational work environment, exhibiting appropriate sensitivities

Commercial Projects

    Set the projects execution plans, track, monitor and lead to completion
    Establish and update deliverables execution plan with actuals and forecasts maintaining a standard predefined procedure. Ensure deliverable documents are complete, current and stored appropriately
    Supervise that the deliverables are managed within scope, resources, deliverables, quality, time, and cost constraints
    Responsible of Project plan tracking, updates and task review with outsource vendor and internal projects.
    Supervise the project documentation and records
    Supervise projects reporting and progress updates
    Facilitate communication as appropriate to all involved and maintain contact with owner's stakeholders to ascertain project requirements and/or level of satisfaction with progress and performance
    Participate in issue management and resolution process
    Facilitate communication as appropriate to all involved and maintain contact with stakeholders to ascertain delivery requirements and/or level of satisfaction with progress and performance
    Identify and track contractual responsibilities
    Supervise the implementation projects execution internally and externally through contractors
    Identify, quantify and follow up issues likely to cause risk or delays to deliverables
    Ensure that upper management is informed on all critical issues pertaining to the area responsible for
    Escalate decisions and any unresolved issues to CCO and make recommendations
    Assist CCO in developing and implementing procedures and standards that will provide effective workflows
    Prepare an end of deliverable report. Close all deliverable documentation and archive appropriate records
    Attend Operations and Commercial division meetings as required.
    Effectively, apply Zain Telecom methodology and enforces project standards.

    Prepare and consolidate annual Commercial budget
    Supervise projects cost/expenses and track budget
    Exchange ideas, information and opinions in engineering solutions for cost reduction. Control costs and expenditures comparing to budget allocation to project or programs.

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